Update Log


28/01/2023 - Renamed the Home tab to Mansion, 'cause I realized people would confuse "home" with "index". Added two new sites to the list of my friends' sites!

25/01/2023 - Made the diary page responsive.

23/01/2024 - Added a BETTER update log page. Hi guys! I'm currently overhauling the entire site, so expect lots of updates soon.

12/07/2023 - Added a status.cafe box!

16/05/2023 - Added a Persona shrine

10/05/2023 - Added a "how well do you know the webmaster" quiz!

11/03/2023 - Changed the main font of this website to be more readable!

20/02/2023 - Added friend testimonials in the About page

20/02/2023 - Added an update box!